Lesley Scott-Educational Therapist


Lesley is a mother of 2 who lives in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. With a commitment to lifelong learning, she recently completed her master's degree in psychology. As a Search and Teach practitioner for NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) South Africa, she empowers young children experiencing difficulties with developmental pre-reading skills. Lesley is registered with the Council for Counsellors South Africa and offers coaching and counseling that addresses various life issues. She is the author of several books for children that focus on emotions and life skills. 

As a mom to a child with a complex health condition, she uses her own experience to inform and advocate for others in similar situations. Lesley believes in the power of community and that connecting with others helps us make sense of the world. She relies on tea and chocolate to survive parenthood with her sense of humor intact.

Lesley is an expert in the following topics:

  • Activities
  • Child Development
  • Special Needs


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