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Egg Maggi or Ramen instant noodles

If you’ve ever been to India, you would know Maggi is not just a dish but an emotion. I have yet to meet a person (Indian or non-Indian) who doesn’t like Maggi or Ramen. Everyone has a different and interesting twist in making their bowl of this 2-minute noodle. I made this combo of egg and Maggi for the first time for my husband and me for a lazy Sunday morning and it has been improved and polished over years. When I first noticed my girls enjoying Maggi, I knew I have to introduce my egg Maggi to them and they loved it immediately.
If you live in a part of the world where Maggi is not available, try using any instant noodle locally available. This recipe works perfectly fine with any type of noodle. I have tried it with a couple of local Thai instant noodles (Mama or similar) and they came out delicious.


  • 1 pack instant noodles of your choice Maggi or any other
  • 1 egg


  • Crack the egg in a bowl and beat it well.
  • Follow the instructions on the pack to cook.
  • Drop the beaten eggs from a spoon into the pot while the noodles are cooking. Make sure the water is boiling when you start dropping the egg. As the egg starts to cook with the noodles, they start to look like fine threads or noodles. If it doesn't become thread-like, but ends up as bigger pieces of egg, don't worry. It’s normal. It is still going to taste the same.
  • Cook for the time prescribed on the pack of noodles.
  • Remove from heat and savor the egg noodles.


Fair warning: this usually comes out so delicious, you might get greedy in sharing it with your own kid, so better make a bigger pot!
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